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A create-react-app like template using only es-modules (no build step).
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A create-react-app like template demonstrating how far you can get creating progressive web apps (using react) with no build step. It takes advantage of static and dynamic imports which enables you to break up your app into small reusable ES modules that are compiled for you by the browser at run time.

Getting Started

To get started, first clone this repo then run the following command in your terminal (from the project root directory) which will open the app in your preferred browser.

$ npx servor

Live reload is enabled by default with servor so when you make changes to your code the browser will reload the tab and your changes will be reflected there.


This project uses a proprietary version of react called es-react which allows you to import React and ReactDOM (version 16.8.3) as an es module from within your app and component files.

import { React, ReactDOM } from '';

To use JSX like syntax without a transpilation step you are going to need to use something like htm by Jason Miller. The package is available to import directly from and can be configured for react like this:

import htm from ''
const html = htm.bind(React.createElement)

Code splitting on route is achieved at runtime thanks to React.lazy and React.Suspense which provides a solid basis for a scalable architecture where only the code that required is actually requested from the server.

const Route = {
  '/': React.lazy(() => import('./routes/home.js')),
  '*': React.lazy(() => import('./routes/notfound.js')),

    <${React.Suspense} fallback=${html`<div></div>`}>
      <${Route[location.pathname] || Route['*']} />


This project is a proof of concept more than anything and still lacks certain features:

  • A solution for applying scoped styles to components (something like emotion or styled-components tagged template literals) that can be imported as an es module.
  • A more feature complete router that handles internal links and history navigation (something like reach-router or navi) and that can be imported as an es module.

The most common limitation I come across is that the popular solutions to these kind of problems rarely export an es module compatible build. If you know of any packages that might accomplish such tasks and that have an es module build then I would love to hear about them so that we can try them out and promote them here!

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