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React Slack Clone

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Slack clone powered by Chatkit. See it in action here


This is a static, single page web app bootstrapped with create-react-app for ease of setup, distribution and development. It is a thin UI wrapper around the pusher-chatkit-client library to demonstrate how different features can work together to form a compelling real-time chat client with various potential product applications.


The Chatkit SDK allows you to implement features you would expect from a chat client. These include:

  • 📝 Public and private chat rooms
  • 📡 Realtime sending and receiving of messages
  • 📦 Rich media attachments (drag and drop)
  • 💬 Typing and presence indicators
  • 📚 Read message cursors

Want to get involved? We have a bunch of beginner-friendly GitHub issues.


The demo attempts to be feature complete according to documentation here. Feature requests should be made via issues or pull requests to this repository.

  • CreateMessageForm - to send a message with a textual body and trigger typing indicators.
  • CreateRoomForm - to create a new room and join it upon creation.
  • FileInput - to send a message with a rich media attachment.
  • Message - to render out a message that potentially includes an attachment.
  • MessageList - to render a list of messages from a key value store.
  • RoomHeader - to display useful information about a given room.
  • RoomList - to render a list of rooms which can be subscribed to by the current user.
  • TypingIndicator - to signify to the user that another user is typing in a given room.
  • UserHeader - to display useful information about a given user.


To run the application locally; clone the repo, install dependencies and run the app.

$ git clone
$ cd react-slack-clone
$ yarn && yarn start

The app starts in development mode and opens a browser window on http://localhost:3000. The project rebuilds and the browser reloads automatically when source files are changed. Any build or runtime errors are propagated and displayed in the browser.

The app depends on GitHub authentication and a user creation endpoint that is hosted at The endpoints are /auth and /token.


Complete chat application, built with Chatkit | by @lukejacksonn





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