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The classic NES Tetris built with hyperapp
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The classic NES Tetris built with hyperapp

I recently got quite hooked on watching the CTWC. This inspired me to go try build the game Tetris for myself in order to better understand the game. There has been talk on the hyperapp slack about creating a project – working application built with hyperapp – that we can use to dogfood new ideas and serve as a reference when creating new apps.

The idea of a game came up and it seemed like a good theme to run with; limited enough in scope but complex enough to stress test design patterns and perf. I wanted to implement a dependency and build step free project as to put focus mostly on the application code as well as structure.

A lot of the code has been copied and adapted from two codepens:


The application currently looks like this and you can play it online here:

screen shot 2018-11-29 at 16 58 38


This project has been left unoptimized in places. There is a lot of low hanging fruit when it comes to features or details to add. The aim is to replicate the classic NES version as closely as possible for fun!

See the project issues to see what needs to be done or create a new issue.

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