Secret Santa over SMS with Twilio.
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Blog Post!

Secret Santa over SMS with Twilio.

Important: Your Twilio account will need to be properly funded to use this. The cost is $1/mo to get a Twilio number (which can be released after running this) and $0.0075 per message.


Here's a sample of what your configuration file should look like:

  "twilio": {
    "sid": "SID", // Twilio SID
    "auth": "AUTH", // Twilio auth token
    "from": "+15551234567" // Twilio number to send SMS from
  // Optional message, see lib/messages.js for the default
  "message": "Hey {{name}} buy something for {{recipient}}!",
  "participants": [
      "name": "Luke", // Name, must be unique
      "number": "+15551112222", // Mobile number to send SMS to
      "skip": [] // (Optional) Array of other participant names which they cant be assigned
      "name": "Bob",
      "number": "+15552223333"


This uses getconfig to load configuration files based on the environment. So inside the config/ directory you'll probably want to create a development.json file for testing and a production.json file for actually sending the SMS.

The development.json file will be used by default and production.json will be used if you set NODE_ENV=production beforing running one of the commands.


This project requires at least Node v6

First, clone this (or download the zip) and npm install all the dependencies.

Then there are two commands available. As stated above, precede either of these commands with NODE_ENV=production to make it use your production config.

[NODE_ENV=production] npm run dry

This will output a list of messages that would be sent.

[NODE_ENV=production] npm run send

This will actually send the messages. It will only output the sid and to of each SMS sent so that running the script will not give away the recipient of each participant. If you do need to see the full list of recipients, you can check out your Twilio messaging logs.


If you need to resend a message without seeing who the participant is, you can do that as long as you have the message sid (from the output or you can get it from the Twilio message logs). You can also optionally resend the message to a different to number.

NODE_ENV=production npm run resend -- \
  --sid SMXXXXXX \
  # to is optional, otherwise it will resend to the same number
  --to +15551234567


The test credentials for twilio are encrypted in .travis.yml. If you want to run the tests locally, you will need to create a .env file with TEST_SID and TEST_AUTH values.