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Ordering and Delivery Service Template Application

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Javascript Portfolio Project


A Single Page Application For Online Ordering


HellaFresh. is a single page application with a Ruby on Rails backend, and a Javascript frontend designed to help companies with having a functional online ordering system. This early build has sample seed data for a restaurant, and has a fully functional product and menu display system, along with a cart. The app allows a user to view the menu, and add items to and from their cart. Future expansion will allow for a company to create an admin account, upload products, and display the menu based on a metaprogrammed category builder. It will have full user login, and ordering functionality in a templated shell.


This application make use of:

#Launch To launch and run HellaFresh.:

  • Clone the repo onto your local machine
  • $ cd javascript-portfolio-project
  • $ cd backend
  • $ bundle install
  • $ rake reset
  • $ rails server
  • Run PostGres SQL application on local machine. (
  • From the "frontend" folder, open index.html in your web browser.
  • Enjoy!

Additional Functionality

  • View HellaFresh Product Menu
  • Add Menu Products to Cart
  • Remove Menu Products from Cart


  • Add MetaProgram functionality of building "Product Category" sections on Menu Display
  • Add "Build Order" Functionality
  • Add "Complete Order" and Order Processing Functionality
  • Add User Login and Order History
  • Add Admin Account Functionality
    • Set Unique Company Information
    • Add Products with Category and additional product information


Ordering and Delivery Service Template Application






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