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Plugin which disables the Lion style page flip animation in iCal
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iCal Classic Page Flip

The solution to Apples very slooow Page-Flip animation for monthly and yearly view in iCal 5.


Annoyed by the very slow page animation in the latest version of iCal that came with Lion? Monthly and Yearly view both have an animation of a turning page. That might be nice on the first look, but it's time consuming and slows down the work flow on the long run.

This software is the solution. It disables the painfully slow animation of the latest iCal version and gives you back fast navigation in iCal. Now again, you can use cmd + arrows to move to the next / previous month or year in iCal blazingly fast.


  • manual installation: see "Description"


Steps to install iCal Classic Page Flip:

  1. install latest version of SIMBL: or
  2. download the iCal Classic Page Flip-bundle from
  3. move the bundle into ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins (Note that both SIMBL and Plugins folder may not exist. Simply create those folders if you don't have them already.)
  4. restart iCal

How to disable the page flip

  • open iCal
  • open settings
  • go to Advanced
  • enable the "Disable Page Flip Animation" checkbox


  • go to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins
  • move bundle to trash

Version Information

Version 1.0: This is a first release of this fix. If there is demand we might expand this with an Installer.

Credit: Lukas Pitschl.



If you like this software feel free to donate any amount of bitcoins to

BTC Deposit Address 14X7wZxKkbwPeodWJkV5LXN55xbCC5MC6A

It's appreciated and yes, we like Pizza. We also like beer. Hmmm.

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