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Rack Timer provides timing output around each of your Rails rack-based middleware classes. It will log output to your Rails application log. Rack Timer has been tested with Rails 3.0.10, and it appears slightly incompatible with Rails 3.1.x.

To use, simply add rack_timer to your Gemfile:

gem "rack_timer"

By default the gem will only log Middleware that takes longer than the default Log Threshold of 1.0 ms. Set the RACK_TIMER_LOG_THRESHOLD environment variable to tweak this.

If you are tracking request queuing time via New Relic's suggested header (HTTP_X_REQUEST_START or HTTP_X_QUEUE_START), then Rack Timer will output how much time elapsed between when this header was set and when the first piece of middleware executes. See New Relic's documentation for more info:

Example output of Rack Timer with RACK_TIMER_LOG_THRESHOLD = 0.0:

Rack Timer -- Queuing time: 1723 microseconds
Rack Timer (incoming) -- Rack::Lock: 0.019073486328125 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActiveSupport::Cache::Strategy::LocalCache: 0.0209808349609375 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- Rack::Runtime: 0.0140666961669922 ms

Started GET "/page/show/298883-home" for at Tue Mar 13 05:55:20 -0700 2012
Rack Timer (incoming) -- Rails::Rack::Logger: 0.123023986816406 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::ShowExceptions: 0.00905990600585938 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::RemoteIp: 0.0140666961669922 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- Rack::Sendfile: 0.0119209289550781 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::Callbacks: 0.0219345092773438 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionManagement: 0.00905990600585938 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActiveRecord::QueryCache: 0.0360012054443359 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::Cookies: 0.00905990600585938 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore: 0.0269412994384766 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::Flash: 0.581979751586914 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::ParamsParser: 0.019073486328125 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- Rack::MethodOverride: 0.0100135803222656 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::Head: 0.00905990600585938 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- ActionDispatch::BestStandardsSupport: 0.00786781311035156 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- Warden::Manager: 0.0669956207275391 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- NewRelic::Rack::BrowserMonitoring: 0.00882148742675781 ms
Rack Timer (incoming) -- OmniAuth::Strategies::Facebook: 0.0569820404052734 ms
  Processing by PageController#show as HTML
  Parameters: {"id"=>"298883-home"}
Completed 200 OK in 1552ms (Views: 648.2ms | ActiveRecord: 446.4ms)
Rack Timer (Application Action) -- ActionDispatch::Routing::RouteSet: 1575.03509521484 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- OmniAuth::Strategies::Facebook: 0.0109672546386719 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- NewRelic::Rack::BrowserMonitoring: 0.0259876251220703 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- Warden::Manager: 0.0150203704833984 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::BestStandardsSupport: 0.0100135803222656 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::Head: 0.00905990600585938 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- Rack::MethodOverride: 0.00905990600585938 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::ParamsParser: 0.0100135803222656 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::Flash: 0.0138282775878906 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::Session::CookieStore: 0.223159790039062 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::Cookies: 0.0920295715332031 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActiveRecord::QueryCache: 0.0140666961669922 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::ConnectionManagement: 0.113010406494141 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::Callbacks: 0.0121593475341797 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- Rack::Sendfile: 0.0138282775878906 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::RemoteIp: 0.00786781311035156 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActionDispatch::ShowExceptions: 0.0131130218505859 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- Rails::Rack::Logger: 1.23691558837891 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- Rack::Runtime: 0.0350475311279297 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- ActiveSupport::Cache::Strategy::LocalCache: 0.0121593475341797 ms
Rack Timer (outgoing) -- Rack::Lock: 0.0231266021728516 ms

The Queuing time shows that with this request, 1203 microseconds (1.2 milliseconds) elapsed from the time Nginx set the HTTP_X_REQUEST_START header and the start of the first piece of middleware. Each subsequent Rack Timer output line shows how long each piece of middleware took to execute in milliseconds. The Rack Timer (incoming) timestamps show elapsed time of the middleware class prior to executing the application's action. The Rack Timer (outgoing) timestamps show elapsed time of the middleware class after the application's action. The Rack Timer (Application Action) timestamp shows the elapsed time of the application's action and the final piece of middleware, Rails routing. Turns out that all of the standard Rails middleware classes are generally fast, which is a good thing!



Provides timing output around each of your Rails rack-based middleware classes.






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