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Display SVG images on iOS using Cocos2D

CCSVG - Display SVG images on iOS using Cocos2D


CCSVG provides an API for loading, displaying and animating SVG images on iOS using Cocos2D.

// load an svg image
CCSVGSource *source;
source = [CCSVGSource sourceWithFile:@"player_idle.svg"];

// display an svg image
CCSVGSprite *sprite;
sprite = [CCSVGSprite spriteWithSource:source];
sprite.position = ccp(240,160);

// create an svg animation
CCSVGAnimation *animation;
animation = [CCSVGAnimation animationWithSourcesNamed:@"player_walk_%04d.svg" 

// run the animation on the sprite
CCSVGAnimate *animate;
animate = [CCSVGAnimate actionWithSVGAnimation:animation];
[sprite runAction:[CCRepeatForever actionWithAction:animate]]; 


SVG images are displayed as vector data, not textures. Each file is tesselated and cached in a vertex buffer object, so the peformance penalty of tesselating and uploading the geometry to OpenGL only happens once when the file is first loaded.

  • Resolution-independence.
  • Smaller file size.
  • Smaller memory footprint.
  • Faster load times.


There is a significant performance penalty for using images with transparent fills or strokes (drawing them properly means turning on blending in OpenGL). Avoid them where possible.

  • Incomplete SVG support (see what is implemented in MonkVG).
  • Antialiasing requires multisampling to be enabled, which has a performance penalty.


git clone
git submodule init
git submodule update



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