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What the security?

NoAuth makes no claims at security, in fact a user can make ANY claim via NoAuth with no checks at all. For this reason it's probably not OK to include NoAuth in your production applications.

Whats the point?

I have written a number of OAuth based applications and am a big believer in UITesting. NoAuth makes it easy to test applications that require OAuth and look at how your application will respond to changing claims.

Whats do I need to do?


Its really easy to integrate NoAuth into your .NET application.

Install-Package Owin.Security.Providers.NoAuth

In your Startup.Auth.cs file enable NoAuth with the fluent syntax, its also a good idea to put this behind a configuration toggle (like appsettings) so that you can turn NoAuth right off in production.

if (ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["auth.noauth"] == "enabled")

Then add a new login button in your site (with a toggle to turn it off as well) which calls /account/external-login/NoAuth (or whatever your site configures as the external login target.

That’s it you’re done, you should now be able to sign in with NoAuth.

What about UI Tests?

NoAuth is all about testing so I have also provided Selenium helpers to make using NoAuth in UI tests easier.

Install-Package NoAuth.Selenium

After you click the NoAuth button in your site, you can use the NoAuth driver extensions (in using NoAuth.Selenium;) to do one of the following:

//Sign in with a brand new completely random user.

//Sign in with a consistent user so you can sign in and out with the same account. 
//The deets for this account will be random on the first access but stay the same over multiple requests.

//Sign in with a user with an explicit set of claims, No data will be randomly generated in this case.
driver.SignInWithNoAuth(claimedIdentifier, new Claim[]{ });


An OAuth provider which provides zero security




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