Python scripts to automate tasks in Workflowy
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Workflowy Automation

Python scripts to automate tasks in Workflowy

Script that finds all Workflowy items tagged with today's date and gives then the tag #Focus

Allows for scheduling of items in Workflowy without fear of losing them

To schedule items you need to give them a tag in the format #yyy-MM-dd, for example #2016-02-18


  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Selenium package (pip install -U selenium or run py .\ install)
  • A Workflowy account


Create a file in the root directory called

Then paste this into the fill with your Workflowy credentials:

workflowy_username = "your username"
workflowy_password = "your password"


Run py .\ to launch the script.


Firefox opens but doesn't navigate to any page

Usually means the Selenium version is out of date, run pip install -U selenium to ensure you have the latest version installed.