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@@ -5,19 +5,21 @@ What can Prophet do for you?
* Automatic view loading (Kostache, Kohana Views, etc.)
* Error handling 404, 500 (inspired by Errorist)
-## Current Version
+## Current Version: v0.1.1
The current version is v0.1.1. This release should be considered
fairly stable but not stable enough for a v1 release just yet.
+Take that how you want :)
Download or clone the v0.1.1 tag of this repo into your modules
+folder to use with the Kohana 3.1.x series.
If you require Kohana 3.0.x compatibility you will need to
-download the alternative tag *v0.1-compat-3.0.x*. That is the
+download the alternative tag **v0.1-compat-3.0.x**. That is the
first and last v3.0.x compatible release.
## Requirements
* PHP 5.2 + (5.3 recommended),
* Kohana 3.0.x or Kohana 3.1.x, only updates will be provided
for the 3.1.x branch,
@@ -38,13 +40,14 @@ this example:
Now blog/index will automatically render the view found in
-"APPPATH/views/blog/index.php" without anything else being
+"views/blog/index.php" without anything else being
### Using Kostache
In order to use Kostache instead of the default Kohana views
-simply define the class in your controller:
+simply define the class in your controller or in the
+controller.php file like so:
class Controller extends Prophet_Controller {
@@ -69,7 +72,7 @@ inclined. Take an example:
* @var
- * @see Controller::$viewless
+ * @see Prophet_Controller::$viewless
public $viewless = array('create');

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