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jQuery Bind Bonuses

This tiny project of mine has been superceded by WhiteRabbit. It can does the same job but also caters for event delegation.

I didn't know what else to call these jQuery additions. So for now Bind Bonuses they are!

The methods

$.fn.bindStop( eventType [, eventData], handler(eventObject) [, delay] )

This method waits until delay ms after the last occurance of event, then calls the callback. So if you are continously typing only after you have stopped for the defined delay will the handler be called.

// Only search 1.5 seconds after user stops typing
$('input[name=search]').bindStop('keydown', function (e) {
    $.get('search', {"search": $(this).val()}, function (res) {
}, 1500);

$.fn.bindThrottle( eventType [, eventData], handler(eventObject) [, delay] )

This method only calls a callback if the event hasn't been called in the last delay ms. If it has been called it waits until after the throttle time to call it.

// Check password security every 500 milliseconds of typing
$('input[name=search]').bindThrottle('keydown', function (e) {
    if (passwordSecure($(this).val())) {
        $('#result').html('<p>Password is secure</p>');
    } else {
        $('#result').html('<p>Password is <em>not</em> secure</p>');
}, 500);


Luke Morton