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Publicize for Kohana

Ever wanted to include static files within a Kohana module but don't want to run them through a Controller everytime they are required? Publicize is a tiny module that enables your modules to contain static content such as .css and .js files inside a folder called public.


  • PHP 5.3 +
  • Kohana 3.2 +


Dependant on your Kohana::$environment, Publicize will act in different ways.


The file will be found and served via Controller_Publicize. This will affect the performance of your application however it will mean all assets shared by modules will be up to date.

Testing and Staging

The first load of the file will go via Controller_Publicize which will copy the file into DOCROOT, and send the file inline. Thereafter it will be served as a static file.


The route will not be set by default in the production environment for performance reasons.


This module started as a gist.


Luke Morton a.k.a. DrPheltRight

and contributors ^__^ Thank you!!


Licensed under MIT.