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👋 Hi friends! I'm Luke.

I lead tech teams and build things on the web. Currently CTO at Endpoint IQ.

Find me at:


@lukencode on Twitter

📙 Blog Posts

14 .NET packages I always recommend

Save time and make your applications better. Check out this list of open source .NET libraries I love to use and recommend.

GhostSolo update (0.5.0) - February 2021

Membership updates, table of contents support and bug fixes for my Ghost theme "GhostSolo"

A complete guide to send email in .NET (2021)

Use FluentEmail to send emails in .NET. Send with Smtp, Mailgun or SendGrid and use customisable Razor or Liquid templates for your content.

GitHub Action - Build and Run .NET Tests on new pull requests

Validate your dotnet code by building and running tests on every pull request.

GitHub action to automatically add blog posts to your profile

Add blog posts to your GitHub profile automatically in 5 minutes via RSS and GitHub Actions.

📒 Notes and snippets