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find a subset of some files that fit best within a size limit
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usage: [-h] [--limit LIMIT] [--scaling_divisor SCALING_DIVISOR]
                 [file_names [file_names ...]]

Prints the files that comprise the best fit within the size limit.

positional arguments:
  file_names            Files that are candidates for fitting.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --limit LIMIT         The number of bytes limit in which to find the maximum
                        fit. The default value is 5368709120 (5 GiB).
  --scaling_divisor SCALING_DIVISOR
                        Reduce the complexity of the computation by dividing
                        the limit by scale_divisor integer value. The default
                        value is 1000000.
  --verbose, -v         Report extra info.


  • Be careful when adjusting the values of LIMIT and SCALING_DIVISOR. At least two Python lists are created with the number of elements equal to (LIMIT / SCALING_DIVISOR). If SCALING_DIVISOR is too small, the memory usage for these lists will be huge.
  • Verbose output includes the number of candidate files and the left-over unused space.


python ${MAXFIT_SOURCE_DIR}/ *.m4v *.mov
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