CLI to keep track of how you use your time
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I wanted a tool that I can use to keep track of my time that I didn't have to remember to use.

The goal here is to write a CLI in Go that can be run via cron so that I don't have to remember to 'punch in' and 'punch out' whenever I switch tasks.

Every X minutes while I'm logged in, a terminal window pops up and asks me what I'm working on.

This project is part of my experience learning Go, which is why it's terribly written. Very much a WIP.

what it looks like

⚡ time-track
0) surfing the web
1) researching the death of Biggie
2) watching Parks and Rec
3) cat gifs

▽ What are you working on?

You type in the number corresponding to what you're doing and move on with your life.

main commands

There are projects. These are things you are working on. You can add and remove projects:

time-track --add-project "some project" : add projects you're working on. time-track --rm-project "some project" : remove some project you're done with or want to forget about.

time-track : meant to be run as a cron job. To run every 15 minutes, use something like

*/15 * * * * if [ $USER == "YOUR_USERNAME" ]; then open /usr/local/bin/time-track; fi

other notes

time-track writes a couple file. ~/.time_track is the config file that, of now, just stores your projects. You can edit by hand or use time-track --add-project or time-track --rm-project via the command libe.

~/.time-track.csv stores the results. In the future other commands will be possible that will allow the user to generate the top n projects she worked on that week, etc.

to do

  • save a csv
  • get the date
  • present options to a user :: use
  • create config file that holds the activities / projects to load
  • cron might not be nec.: check here
  • config file should save the activities
  • flags to time-track to add activities
  • flag to time-track to remove activities
  • don't store repeated projects
  • write functions (!) to simplify code
  • add command line option for --report that summarizes the top job for the week, month, etc.