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+# PusherChat for iPhone
+This is a small iPhone app that demonstrates the use of the [libPusher]( library for communicating with the [Pusher]( real-time messaging service.
+It acts as a client to [PusherChat-Rails]( app, a small example chat app written in Ruby on Rails and using Pusher for messaging.
+## Building from source
+You will need a running instance of [my PusherChat-Rails fork]( This fork adds a few extra APIs for the iPhone app.
+After cloning the project, you will need to initialise all of the project submodules:
+ $ git submodule update --init --recursive
+Finally, you'll need to create a file in the PusherChat-iPhone directory called PusherSettings.h which contains your Pusher API settings. It should look something like this:
+ #define kPUSHER_APP_ID 123
+ #define kPUSHER_API_KEY @"your-api-key"
+ #define kPUSHER_SECRET @"your-secret"
+Finally, you may need to modify the PusherChat `kPUSHER_CHAT_SERVICE_URL` constant in the app delegate to match the running instance of PusherChat-Rails on your local machine.
+At this stage, you should be good to go.

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