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An OSX menu bar app for controlling SqueezeSlave

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SqueezeSlaveMenu for OSX

SqueezeSlaveMenu is a small menu-bar applet for controlling SqueezeSlave, a command-line tool that can be used to turn your Windows, Mac or Linux computer into a Squeezebox device.

Compiling on Snow Leopard

Before you can compile the app in Xcode, you will need to prepare the squeezeslave library, which is referenced as a git submodule (pointing at my Github mirror of the original Subversion repository).

First, initialize the sub-module:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Then, use make to compile the necessary static libraries:

$ cd External/squeezeslave
$ make -f makefile.osx-intel-display realclean
$ make -f makefile.osx-ppc-display realclean
$ make -f makefile.osx-i64-display realclean
$ make -f makefile.osx-i64-display

You should only have to do this once. You should now be able to open the Xcode project and compile and run the app.


This application is licensed under the same terms as the original squeezeslave library, GPLv2.

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