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Rails Plugin Packs™ coming to RaPT
Fri Jul 28 17:00:00 UTC 2006

Good news - Geoffrey has agreed to roll Rails Plugin Packs into RaPT. I've already integrated it into the RaPT source code and a patch is winging its way to Geoffrey's inbox as I write this.

For the adventurous who want to give it a try in the meantime (with all the usual caveats), you need to first check out the RaPT source:

$ svn co svn:// rapt

Next, download the pluginpack integration patch. Change to the rapt directory you just checked the source out to and apply the patch.

**Update**: I've been added to the RaPT committers list; this patch has now been applied to the trunk. Once you've checked it out, you simply need to build and install the gem.
$ rake package
$ gem install pkg/rapt-0.1.0.gem

You'll find RaPT will now have three new commands: pack:install, pack:uninstall and pack:about. All three commands take one argument, the system path or URL to your pack file. Run rapt -h for more information.

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