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UJS Rails Plugin 0.3: new name, new website
Mon Aug 21 13:05:00 UTC 2006
Update 15 Feb 2009: The UJS plugin for Rails is no longer actively maintained but you can find the the source on github.

Dan and I are please to announce the biggest release of the Unobtrusive Javascript for Rails plugin – now simply known as UJS. This is a big release in many ways – we’ve got some important bug fixes in here, some great new helper functionality and most importantly: caching. The other big news is that the UJS plugin now has its very own website.

The website is the place to go for news, information, release announcements (although I will still announce releases on this blog) and tips and tricks – everything you need to get started with the UJS plugin.

Before you rush off to check out the new site, here is a quick overview of some of new features:

  • Added out-of-the box caching using HTTP ETags and advanced behaviour caching
  • Added new apply_behaviours functionality for applying multiple behaviours at once.
  • Added a series of behaviour helpers to make applying Scriptaculous effects unobtrusively easy.

There are also some bug fixes, some refactorings and significantly improved test coverage. For full details, see the announcement on the UJS website.

Finally, the other big change is that the Subversion repository has changed location, as has the place to report issues with the plugin: the plugin now has its own dedicated Trac.

The plugin repository is now located at:

The latest version of the plugin now has its own tag, which should make it work with Rails’ built-in script/plugin script:

Finally, you can report issues on the UJS Rails Plugin Trac: