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Rimuhosting...singing their praises
Sun Sep 02 20:51:00 UTC 2007

I don’t usually post this kind of thing on my blog but when somebody experiences a level of customer service that seems to be so lacking these days, one feels the need to shout about it.

I’ve been hosting this blog on RimuHosting for about a year now – a basic 160MB VPS setup running nginx and one mongrel to power this blog and lighty on my second IP for PHP apps (like Mint Stats and RoundCube Webmail. The VPS also acts as a home to my mail and Subversion repositories.

In all the time I’ve been with RimuHosting I’ve experienced good uptime with problems being sorted out quickly and efficiently. I’ve not had much need to trouble their support team but having just purchased a shiny copy of Warehouse I needed some more RAM to handle a second mongrel instance. I submitted a support ticket asking for a quote, indicating that if it should cost less than an extra $10 a month that they should proceed.

In the time it took me to purchase and download a copy of Warehouse, scp it to my server and untar the thing, my VPS was restarting with its extra memory. All in all, about 5 minutes from the time I submitted my ticket. On a holiday weekend. On a Sunday. That is true customer service.

So, if you are in the market for a personal geek-friendly VPS at a decent price with great support then consider this an obligatory plug for RimuHosting. Tell ’em Luke sent ya!

Update: Warehouse is now up and running.