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Importing comments from Mephisto into Disqus
16 Feb 2009 16:00

As part of my continuing effort to strip Marley down to the bare-essentials and make it as simple as possible, I’ve moved my comments over to Disqus. This means I don’t have to worry about having a database for comments, building tools to moderate those comments or handle spam. I simply drop the comments directly into the page using a snippet of Javascript (I’m actually using Norman Clarke’s Ruby disqus library to make this even easier).

To import my old Marley comments into Disqus, I used Locomotivation’s handy Sinatra Disqus Importer. It’s a super-simple Sinatra app that takes an RSS feed of your existing blog posts and comments and uses that to feed the comments into Disqus using it’s API.

I wanted to do the same for all of my old Mephisto-powered blog comments. Doing this was fairly trivial, it just required a script to take the content from the Mephisto database and spit out an RSS feed that I could use with the Sinatra importer. Having imported a mysql dump from my server into my local MySQL database, I was able to use ActiveRecord and Builder to generate the RSS feed; here’s the code in case it’s of any use to anybody. It’s a bit rough and you might need to tweak it a bit but it does the job.

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