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20 lines (19 sloc) 0.984 kb do |s_| = 'rgeo-geojson'
s_.summary = 'An RGeo module providing GeoJSON encoding and decoding.'
s_.description = "RGeo is a geospatial data library for Ruby. RGeo::GeoJSON is an optional RGeo module providing GeoJSON encoding and decoding services. This module can be used to communicate with location-based web services that understand the GeoJSON format."
s_.version = "#{'Version').strip}.build#{'%Y%m%d%H%M%S')}" = 'Daniel Azuma' = ''
s_.homepage = ""
s_.rubyforge_project = 'virtuoso'
s_.required_ruby_version = '>= 1.8.7'
s_.files = ::Dir.glob("lib/**/*.rb") +
::Dir.glob("test/**/*.rb") +
::Dir.glob("*.rdoc") +
s_.extra_rdoc_files = ::Dir.glob("*.rdoc")
s_.test_files = ::Dir.glob("test/**/tc_*.rb")
s_.platform = ::Gem::Platform::RUBY
s_.add_dependency('rgeo', '>= 0.2.8')
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