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concfg is a utility to import and export Windows console settings like fonts and colors.

If you have Scoop, you can install concfg with scoop install concfg.

You Can Preview and Edit Themes Here!

...thanks to Anant Anand Gupta and MindzGroup Technologies.

Important Caveats

  • Console settings can be overridden by program- or shortcut-specific settings stored in the registry or in the .lnk file itself. Concfg can attempt to clean these up for you by removing registry settings that might conflict and removing console properties from .lnk files in known directories. concfg import will prompt you to clean these up after an import, or you can run concfg clean at any time.
  • PowerShell's syntax highlighting isn't compatible with Base16's conventions by default. To set syntax highlighting to colors consistent with Base16's conventions, use concfg tokencolor sub-command to modify the syntax highlighting colors.

Screenshots of included presets



Use the Solarized dark color presets:

concfg import solarized-dark

Revert to the stock-standard console settings:

concfg import windows-console-defaults
Importing settings from a URL
concfg import

This URL happens to be one of the built in presets--it's just an example of importing a URL. The easy way to get Solarized light would be concfg import solarized-light

Making your own settings to save or share
concfg export <path>

Although, if you're making a color theme from scratch, you might find it easier to base it on presets/default.json


Type concfg without parameters to see the usage info.


Thanks to Stephen Edgar(@ntwb) for adding support for Chris Kempson's base16 color settings.

Concfg uses Ethan Schoonover's Solarized color theme.

Code for removing console properties from shortcuts is based on code from the Coapp Toolkit project.