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"Extras" bucket for Scoop
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bucket meow: Update to version 0.2019.03.22 Mar 22, 2019
experiment Use SPDX license identifiers (#899) Apr 21, 2018
scripts vscode: fix context menu shortcut (#1683) Feb 3, 2019
.gitattributes Add tests CRLF, Tabs, UTF-8 BOM, trailing whitespaces and EOF newlines May 7, 2017
Scoop-Bucket.Tests.ps1 appveyor: Improve tests (#1533) Dec 16, 2018
scoop-extras.sublime-project Fix scoop-extras.sublime-project Sep 4, 2018

scoop-extras Build status

The "extras" bucket for Scoop, for anything that doesn't fit the criteria for inclusion in the main bucket.

To make it easy to install apps from this bucket, run scoop bucket add extras

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