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Creating an app manifest

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If you want to install a program that's not included in Scoop, it's easy to create an app manifest yourself.

A basic example

Here's how to create and install a manifest for an 'app' that says hello, in just a few lines of powershell.

# write an app manifest to hello.json
'{ "version": "1.0", "url": "", "bin": "hello.ps1" }' > hello.json

# install the app
scoop install hello

# did it work?
hello # -> should output 'Hello, <your-username>!'

Sharing your app

Share on your network

If you want others on your network to be able to install from your app manifest, you could just put it on a network share location, e.g. \shared\files\scoop\hello.json. Then, for others to install your app, you can tell them to run:

scoop install \\shared\files\scoop\hello.json
Share with the world

If you make your app manifest publicly available on the web, anyone can install it once they know the URL. For example, I've made a GitHub gist for hello.json here. Now anyone can install it:

scoop install

Next steps

If you ran some of these examples, you probably noticed a warning saying 'no hash in manifest'. For reference information on specifying file hashes and much more in your manifests, see the App Manifests reference.

If you want to maintain a collection of apps, see the page on Buckets for more information.

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