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# Perl script to generate a bunch of images, each with a single color.
# Using this to see if my genetic algorithm does anything resembling
# "The right thing" - this should be really easy for it to weave an image
# tapestry out of.
# don't try this at home kids
my $x = 24;
my $y = 18;
my $count = 30;
if ($#ARGV > 2) {
$x = $ARGV[0];
$y = $ARGV[1];
$count = $ARGV[2];
for (my $r=0;$r<256;$r+=$count) {
for (my $g=0;$g<256;$g+=$count) {
for (my $b=0;$b<256;$b+=$count) {
$nr= ($r+100)%255;
$ng= ($g-150)%255;
$nb= ($b+100)%255;
`convert -size 28x18 -background \'rgb($r,$g,$b)\' -pointsize 20 -fill \'rgb($nr,$ng,$nb)\' label:$i $r\_$g\_$b.gif`;
print "convert -size 28x18 -background \'rgb($r,$g,$b)\' -pointsize 20 -fill \'rgb($nr,$ng,$nb)\' label:$i $r\_$g\_$b.gif\n";