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My Microbit Connect 3 game
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micro:bit connect3

Comments have been removed in some places due to the file size limit on the bbc micro:bits

This is the code for the first micro:bit. They get to go first.

This is the code for the second micro:bit.

Player 0 can be flashed to both micro:bits instead of and, and lets the micro:bits decide who is player1/player2. Allows Only 1 file needed, and no memory of which code is on which micro:bit, and I don't have to edit future code in 2 places.

This runs on a third micro:bit. It is optional to use. It acts like a second monitor, just displaying the game board. It sends the data over serial to a Rapberry Pi with a sense hat

To be run on a raspberry pi with a sense hat. Gets data from a micro:bit over serial, and displays it on and RGB LED matrix

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