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Stein Core Summary

This respository contains Luke Stein's summary notes from the Stanford graduate economics core as it was taught in 2006-7.

Abbreviated sources are listed in parentheses after each topic, with fuller descriptions in the "References" section. Most of the content is copied verbatim (or only minimally rewritten) from the indicated sources; errors in the source materials are now in the good company of numerous additional errors I have presumably introduced in writing/compiling these notes.

Formatting is largely through LaTeX's extarticle class, with some additions from the included intcheetsheet.sty package (and its dependencies).

Use, licensing, copyrights, etc.

I (Luke Stein) am not sure exactly what legal rights (including copyrights) I have in this work, but I reserve those rights.

Please do not distribute or otherwise make available any derivative works without my permission, with the following exception: you are welcome to use the intcheetsheet.sty package to emulate the style of my notes with your own summaries of other material. If you do produce your own notes in the style of mine, I would appreciate (though don't require) that they briefly acknowledge me by name and with a link to my website ( Please also let me know; I'd love to see what you've done!


Luke Stein's summary notes from the Stanford graduate economics core






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