Source for a Web application that lets you modify your context menu entries.
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Source for a Web-based utility that lets you modify your context menu entries. It used to be hosted online, but the site has been taken down (I got tired of paying for it). You can still use it by cloning this repository and running the application locally. See the Running the Application section below..

Client code written in Javascript using React. The server is also written in Javascript, using Node and Koa.

Running the application

The /dist directory contains the fully built client assets and code already.

To run the application, use npm start [hostname] [port]. This is a stand-alone Node application that will serve its own static assets.

Building the Javascript/CSS

The steps below are only needed for individuals who want to modify or fork this application.

  1. Install global dependencies if needed: npm install -g gulp node-sass bower
  2. Install local dependencies: npm install
  3. Install client-side dependencies: bower install

Now you can run gulp build or gulp build-dev, both of which use webpack to compile /src/client/index.jsx and everything it includes (which is everything). Now you can run the application using npm start [hostname] [port].

You can use gulp dev-server to run a dev server that will rebuild client assets and restart the node server automatically whenever a file in /src is changed. The server is run on localhost:8000.