CLI script for generating arbitrary amounts of junk data
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Python script for generating a specific-length string of junk data. Useful for testing API length limits.

This is extremely simplistic, but unlike other "dummy text" CLI snippets, mkjunk:

  • Does not read random characters -- output is constrained to the "seed string". Contrast with /dev/urandom, which can contain whitespace characters, which is sometimes annoying
  • Understands human-readable lengths (e.g. mkjunk 1mb)
  • Outputs to STDOUT instead of creating a file.
  • Is probably extremely inefficient

Informational messages are written to STDERR.

Depends on Python 3.


# Install with Python 3
pip install git+

# Ready to go!
mkjunk --help


# Write "hihi" to a file
mkjunk -s hi 4 > junk.txt

# Add 1kb of junk to a file
mkjunk 1000 >> junk.txt

# Put 1mb of junk in your clipboard (on OSX)
mkjunk 1mb | pbcopy


Usage: mkjunk [OPTIONS] NUM_BYTES

  Accepts a NUM_BYTES (which can be human-readable, e.g. "1mb") and writes
  that many bytes of junk characters to STDOUT. The junk is just a single
  "seed string" repeated.

  -s, --seed TEXT  alternate seed text for generation
  --help           Show this message and exit.

Released under MIT License.