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Schedule group meetings with friends, colleagues and teams. Create meeting polls to find the best date and time to organize an event based on your participants' availability. Save time and avoid back-and-forth emails.

Built with Next.js, Prisma, tRPC & TailwindCSS


Check out the self-hosting docs for more information on running your own instance of Rallly.

Get started

  1. Clone the repository switch to the project directory

    git clone
    cd rallly
  2. Install dependencies

  3. Setup environment variables

    cp sample.env .env

    Create a .env file by copying sample.env then open it and set the required configuration options.

  4. Setup the database

    If you don't have a postgres database running locally, you can spin up a new database using docker by running:

    yarn dx

    If you already have a postgres database, you can run the migrations and seed the database by running:

    yarn db:setup

    This will:

    • run migrations to create the database schema
    • seed the database with test users and random data
  5. Start the Next.js server

    yarn dev


Please read our contributing guide to learn about how to contribute to this project.

Translators 🌐

You can help translate Rallly to another language by following our guide for translators.


Rallly is open-source under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) or any later version. See LICENSE for more detail.


Thank you to our sponsors for making this project possible.


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