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RingPHP Guzzle Handler

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This package can be installed with composer.

$ composer require lukewaite/ringphp-guzzle-handler


$guzzle = new GuzzleHttp\Client();
$guzzleHandler  = new LukeWaite\RingPhpGuzzleHandler\GuzzleHandler($guzzle);

$client = Elasticsearch\ClientBuilder::create()

What have you done?

I've built a RingPHP Handler that uses Guzzle as the transport.

You've done wot mate?

Yes - I built a handler for RingPHP (an older GuzzleHttp project) that uses Guzzle 6 as the transport.


The ElasticSearch PHP SDK uses the RingPHP client library under the covers. You can provide a Handler when creating the client, but it has to be a RingPHP handler.

NewRelic supports tracking external requests for Guzzle, but not for RingPHP. Using this handler means we can get more accurate instrumentation on our transactions.

Example NewRelic APM Chart, Before and After Deployment

newrelic before and after

How true to RingPHP is this?

The spec for implementing handlers has been followed, but in some cases I've had to go out of my way to tune this for the ElasticSearch PHP SDK.

$response body

You're supposed to be able to return a lot of different types here, but ElasticSearch expects it to be only a stream, so that's what we return.

$response transfer_stats

Transfer stats is supposed to be an arbitrary array of stats provided by the handler, but it turns out ElasticSearch expects some pretty specific stuff from the default CURL handler to be in there.