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iLBC Android

Internet low bitrate codec. Wrapper and shared objects to use ilbc in android.

ilbc quirks

  • Call resetEncoder/Decoder between encoding or decoding entirely new audio clicks, not in between encoding chunks of a stream, if you get this wrong you'll hear clicking. Read next point for technical reason.
  • Encoded audio from ilbc starts with a block of zeros. See, Specifically: "The input to the LPC analysis module is a possibly high-pass filtered speech buffer, speech_hp, that contains 240/300 (LPC_LOOKBACK + BLOCKL = 80/60 + 160/240 = 240/300) speech samples, where samples 0 through 79/59 are from the previous block and samples 80/60 through 239/299 are from the current block. No look-ahead into the next block is used. For the very first block processed, the look-back samples are assumed to be zeros."


  • Built based on webrtc trunk
  • Adds option to use noise supression from webrtc in the encode method
  • Uses 30ms mode only