Rocket engine throttle control, for ASRI and the Lunar Numbat collaboration
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Lunar Numbat / ASRI CAN-bus Rocket Engine Throttle Controller

Bill of Materials

Resistors: R1, R8, R9, R12, R13, R15: 6 x 10 k resistor R2, R3, R7, R10, R11, R16, R17, R20, R21: 9 x 220 R resistor R18, R19: 2 x 1 M resistor R4: 1 x 2.2 k resistor R5: 1 x 120 k resistor R6: 1 x 47 k resistor R14: 1 x 120 R resistor

Capacitors: C1, C7, C8, C9, C14, C15: 6 x 100 nF capacitor, SMD 0805 C2: 1 x 10 nF capacitor, SMD 0805 C3: 1 x 22 uF 35 V tantalum electrolytic capacitor, SMD 'D' package C4: 1 x 100 uF 10 V tantalum electrolytic capacitor, SMD 'D' packge C5, C6, C10, C11: 4 x 22 pF capacitor, SMD 0805 C12, C13: 2 x 1 nF capacitor, SMD 0805

Diodes: D1, D2: 2 x 1N5819 Schottky diode, SOD123 SMD package LED1, LED5: 2 x red LED, SMD 0805 package LED2, LED3, LED4, LED6: 4 x green LED, SMD 0805 package

Crystals: Q1: 1 x 8 MHz crystal, HC49UP SMD package Q2: 1 x 16 MHz crystal, HC49UP SMD package

ICs: IC1: 1 x LM2675N-5.0 5.0 V switching voltage regulator IC, 8-pin SOIC package IC2: 1 x Microchip MCP2515 CAN-bus controller IC, 18-pin SOIC package IC3: 1 x Microchip MCP2551 CAN-bus transceiver IC, 8-pin SOIC package IC4: 1 x Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller IC, 28-pin 0.3" DIP package

Misc: L1: 47 uH power inductor, 720 mA, surface mount, Digi-Key M8523CT-ND S1, S2: 2 x SMD pushbutton tactile switch

J1:                         1 x 4-pin vertical 0.1" Molex KK header
JP2:                            1 x 6-pin vertical 0.1" pin header strip
X3, X4:                         2 x 6-pin 0.1" Phoenix PCB-mount screw terminal block
X2:                         1 x PCB mount right-angle 9-pin male D-sub connector 
CON1:                           1 x 16-pin dual-row IDC box header connector

                            1 x 28-pin 0.3" DIP IC socket
                            4 x mounting spacers
                            4 x appropriate screws for mounting spacers
                            X1, JP1, JP3, JP4: Do Not Populate