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Simple LCD display / UI board(s) for RAMPS
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v1.1: No SD card or thermocouples. Very simple, low-density, "agricultural" PCB layout, which can easily be made single-sided and is well suited to DIY PCB fabrication. Even inexperienced persons should be able to easily make a working board, using photolithography, toner transfer, or CNC milling techniques.

v1.2: "Official" production version. Includes three thermocouple interfaces and micro-SD card. Micro-SD card socket is the Amphenol 101-00660-68-6.

v1.3: Changed to the same micro-SD card PCB footprint as the Kliment SDRamps board, using some generic micro-SD card socket from eBay. Also changed to self-oscillating through-hole buzzer, removed buzzer drive oscillator, and reduced prototyping hole number to keep total drill hits less than 300.

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