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Put some info about software into the README.

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ARTEMIS: Arduino Rocket Telemetry Module and Instrumentation System
*more documentation to come later*
(I'm having some trouble learning how to make the markdown code block work properly...
...please bear with me here.)
@@ -47,3 +50,24 @@ part of the PCB designer, since pin 7 is the one closest to that part of the lay
and the accelerometer is a 3.3V device. Perhaps PWMing it would be appropriate - I should have added a capacitor
on this pin on the board to smooth off the PWM.
+Clone this into your Arduino projects directory (~/Documents/Arduino on the Mac), and you should be able to open it in your Arduino IDE, build it, and run it.
+The following bits are working:
+- ADCs
+- Accelerometer
+- MAP sensor
+- Real-time clock
+- Temperature
+The following bits still need to be done:
+- Flash storage
+- GPS
+From there we have to work out formats for data storage and transmission.
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