An SVG icon workflow utilising Gulp as a build tool and providing fallbacks for older browsers
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An SVG icon workflow utilising Gulp as a build tool and providing fallbacks for older browsers

The idea behind this workflow is to show a way on how you can leverage all the awesome features that SVGs have to offer within an Icon system, whilst still providing fallbacks for older browsers.

I've wrote about this in more detail over on my website, give it a read if you have time.

UPDATE 2016-11-18: In light of the feedback I've been getting from a cheeky retweet by CSS Tricks, I'm going to be creating an updated post over on my Web Development blog, Assortment, follow the blog on twitter for updates.


This repository has been setup to act as a demonstration on how you can use this proposed workflow in your projects. Please use the following guide to learn how to utilise the workflow, then feel free to modify this into your own projects.


  1. Clone, fork or download this repository
  2. Run npm install within the project to install all dependencies.
  3. Run gulp sprites which will look at the SVGs within assets/app/icons, provide PNG fallbacks within assets/dist/icons/png and moerge all SVGs together into assets/dist/icons/svg-sprites.svg.
  4. Load the website in your browser and see the SVGs present within the index.php appear. (Take a look in IE8 to see the fallback).

In your own projects

You'll need the following to utilise this workflow in your own projects:

  • A build tool to merge all SVGs into a sprites file
  • A build tool to provide PNG fallbacks
  • The assets/dist/icons/svg-sprites.svg linked just after the opening <body> tag.
  • The assets/app/js/icon-fallback.js file which should be linked to after all SVGs have loaded. Preferably just before the closing </body> tag.

Feedback & Contributions

If you'd like to leave me feedback on the workflow or even better, would consider contributing to it, then please use the Issues or Pull Requests to help consolidate everything for others to see.


  • Add 'exclusion' class to the Fallback for any SVGs you don't want converting. Perhaps they don't require a Fallback?


Heres a list of awesome people/project which made this workflow possible.


  • gulp: The build tool for this demonstration.
  • gulp-svg-symbols: Bundle all SVGs into a single file using the <symbol> tag.
  • gulp-svg2png: Create PNG fallbacks for each SVG.



  • Batch Icons: Created by Adam Whitcroft, these are used for this demo project and are subject to his own Licensing Agreement.