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interactive Javaplex demo with barcodes

What is it?

Javaplex is a program for running computations in topological data analysis. See, or the tutorial at Javaplex can be set up to run within Processing, an IDE and programming language well-suited for visualization. The Javaplex download comes with a sample Processing sketch called javaplexDemo.pde.

This repo contains the files needed to run InteractiveJPDwB.pde, a Processing sketch written by Luke Wolcott that builds on javaplexDemo.pde.

InteractiveJPDwB allows the user to create a 2D data set with mouse clicks. It simultaneously computes and outputs the persistent homology barcode, allowing the user to explore the relationship between data and barcode.

Screenshots and screencast

For a demonstration, check out to see a screencast of InteractiveJPDwB and its main features, along with screenshots and explanations. The screenshots are also in a folder in this repo.

How do I use InteractiveJPDwB?

For the time being, you need to download both the sketch "InteractiveJPDwB.pde" and the "data" folder into a common directory. Open InteractiveJPDwB.pde with Processing, and run the sketch. Instructions appear at the bottom of the screen.

What is new?

The original javaplexDemo.pde allowed the user to create a 2D data set with mouse clicks. The left and right arrows would fill in the Vietoris-Rips complex with lines and triangles. The persistence intervals could be computed, and would print to the sketch window.

The main contribution of InteractiveJPDwB is to generate and plot a barcode from the persistence intervals, and to update the barcode whenever the data set is changed. It allows users to remove points by SHIFT-clicking. It adds the pre-loaded data sets #1-4. One can save up to four data sets and easily load them, allowing quick side-by-side comparison of barcodes.