This is the standalone library for accessing Kontagent REST API, it is completely independent from any framework
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Library for Kontagent REST API


This is a library for kontagent ( analytics package for Facebook. It is implemented as a standalone library without any dependencies. There is no need to have it on top of Facebooker plugin - works great with Sinatra, Padrino and Rails apps.

It can:

  • Register new installs/uninstalls
  • Register any custom event as described in documentation from Kontagent.
  • Supports custom subsets (up to three) and all the values from standard REST API by Kontagent

Please check the 'Usage' section to see all the possible codes.


Clone this repository

$ git clone


You need to pass your api key and secret to the Kontagent::Tracking.configure:

Kontagent::Tracking.configure[:api_key] = "..."
Kontagent::Tracking.configure[:secret] = "..."

By default Library sends all the notifications to the Kontagent's test server ( you have to configure it otherwise if you wish to hit your production setup

Kontagent::Tracking.configure[:base_url] = "..."


If we want to notify API about new installation:


in the same manner we can quickly notify application removal


On top of these two predefined events we can a call custom one:

Kontagent::Tracking.notify_custom_event(facebook_user_id, event_name, value, level_id, st1=nil, st2=nil, st3=nil)

Notice how it takes different arguments, their meanings are:

  • facebook_user_id - id of the facebook_user
  • event_name - name of the event
  • value - value of the event
  • level_id - if of level (ie. for a game)
  • st1 - subtype 1
  • st2 - subtype 2
  • st3 - subtype 3

Here is the list of possible messages types for custom event_names the mappings are available in

file and are corresponding to the kontagent REST API documentation

:invite_sent                    => "ins",
:invite_response                => "inr",
:notification_sent              => "nts",
:notification_response          => "ntr",
:notification_email_sent        => "nes",
:notification_email_response    => "nei",
:message_sent                   => "mes",
:message_response               => "mer",
:stream_post                    => "pst",
:stream_post_response           => "psr",
:custom_action                  => "evt",
:custom_event                   => "evt",
:application_added              => "apa",
:application_installed          => "apa",
:application_removed            => "apr",
:application_uninstalled        => "apr",
:undirected_communication_click => "ucc",
:page_request_and_user_location => "pgr",
:user_information               => "cpu",
:goal_counts                    => "gci",
:revenue_tracking               => "mtu",
:unique_tracking_tags           => "" }


Initially luki3k5 (Lukasz Lazewski) started this as an answer to lack of proper standalone Kontagent library in ruby.