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Welcome to Yata integration Hex package, this package will allow you to easy get your translations from service.


Add yatapp to your list of dependencies and to applications in mix.exs:

# mix.exs

def deps do
    {:yatapp, "~> 0.2.4"}

def application do
  [applications: [:yatapp]]


Package can be used in two ways:

  • integration through API
  • websocket integration

API Integration

Add configuration to your config/config.exs:

# config.exs

config :yatapp,
  api_key: System.get_env("YATA_API_KEY"),
  project_id: System.get_env("YATA_PROJECT_ID"),
  locales: ~w(en),
  translations_format: "yml",
  save_to_path: "priv/locales/",
  root: false,
  strip_empty: false,
  enable_websocket: false

API integration allows you to download all translation using mix task:

$ mix yatapp.download_translations

Websocket Integration

Add configuration to your config/config.exs:

# config.exs

config :yatapp,
  api_key: System.get_env("YATA_API_KEY"),
  project_id: System.get_env("YATA_PROJECT_ID"),
  default_locale: "en",
  locales: ~w(en),
  otp_app: :my_app,
  json_parser: Jason,
  store: Yatapp.Store.ETS,
  download_on_start: false,
  save_to_path: "priv/locales/",
  translations_format: "json",
  translation_file_parser: Jason,
  root: false,
  strip_empty: false,
  enable_websocket: true,
  var_prefix: "%{",
  var_suffix: "}",
  fallback: false

Websocket integration connects to Yata server and stays open. All changes in translations are auto-fetched to the app.

When app connects to the Yata server for the first time it fetches all translation and saves them to the ets table. Then all actions on translations like create, update and delete are broadcasting information and ets table is updated.

The values for given locale and key can be fetched using Yatappp.ExI18n module:

# Examples

# en
number: 1
hello_name: "Hello %{name}"

Yatapp.translate("en", "number") #=> 1
Yatapp.translate("en", "hello_name", %{name: "John"}) #=> "Hello John"


Yata Pluralization is useful when you want your application to customize pluralization rules. The base pluralizer is Yatapp.Pluralization.Base which apply rules with three keys: :zero, :one and :other. You can create your own and set it as your default pluralizer (see Yatapp.Pluralization.Example). To set new pluralizer change configuration settings:

# config.exs

config :yatapp,
  pluralizer: Yatapp.Pluralization.Example

The interpolation value :count has a special role it both is interpolated to the translation and used to pick a pluralization form the translations according to the pluralization rules defined in the pluralization backend.

# Examples

# en

  zero: "no message"
  one: "1 message"
  other: "%{count} messages"

Yatapp.translate("en", "messages", %{count: 0}) #=> "no message"
Yatapp.translate("en", "messages", %{count: 1}) #=> "1 message"
Yatapp.translate("en", "messages", %{count: 2}) #=> "no messages"

Language Plural Rules (CLDR)

Configuration Parameters

Option Description Default Websocket API
api_key Organization Settings > Security > API token required required
project_id Organization Settings > Security > Projects > Id required required
default_locale Default locale in your application. "en" optional -
locales Supported locales. ["en"] optional optional
otp_app Used to generate proper path to locale files - -
store Module that implements Yatapp.Store Yatapp.Store.ETS - -
download_on_start Download all translations when app starts false - -
json_parser JSON parser that will be used to parse response from API - required
fallback Fallback to default locale if translation empty. false optional -
translations_format Format you wish to get files in, available for now are (yml, js, json, properties, xml, strings, plist) "yml" - optional
translation_file_parser Parser that will parse downloaded files - optional
save_to_path A directory where translations will be saved. "priv/locales/" - optional
root Download with language as a root element of the translation false - optional
strip_empty Generate only keys that have text and skip empty ones false - optional
enable_websocket Enable websocket integration false required optional
var_prefix Prefix to values in translations. %{ optional optional
var_suffix Suffix for values in translations. } optional optional
pluralizer Pluralizer that will be used to parse plural forms Yatapp.Pluralization.Base - -
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