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Small energy consumption app for the RWTH Aachen Entrepreneurship Hackathon RWE Track
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Energy Mix

This project is archived.

It was created during a hackathon of the RWTH Entrepreneurship for the RWE track.

Small energy consumption app for RWTH Entrepreneurship Hackathon RWE track

At the RWTH Aachen Entrepreneurship hackathon in November 2015, sponsored by RWE and Zalando, RWE set us (a team of 3 developers) the task to create a mobile application combining the battery data of a local device and data containing the current energy mix by production type in the german electricity grid, in only one night (16 1/2 hours).

We created a small app for android with a minimal backend providing the energy mix data, because the direct download from the original data source was not possible. This backend does not provide the current data, but is limited to the data we uploaded at the time the hackathon took place.