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Welcome to the LUKSO wiki!

The following pages give you information about how to get started with the LUKSO Blockchain.

L14 test-network

We have currently our L14 test-network running, that you can connect to, run a node and build upon. L14 is up-to-date with the latest Ethereum forks until Constantinople.

Network ID: 22 (0x16)

Enabled EiPs are:

Not included compared to Ethereum mainnet:

  • eip1234 (Difficulty bomb adjustment)

Building on the "L14" testnet

To build on L14 you can run a node on your own, or connect to our RPC endoint directly:

If you want to simply play around, you can follow the building on LUKSO guide.

Don't forget to get LYX in the L14 faucet.


L14 Validator Apps

The following apps require MetaMask, or Nifty wallet and connect to

Further Documentaton


If you are a project that wants to build on LUKSO, or want to contribute to its development, feel free to join our discord community and get in touch with us!

LIPs and LRCs

We created the LIPS repository, which is following the guidelines of Ethereum's EIP repository, but is specifically for smart contract standards and improvement proposals that are relevant to the LUKSO space.

If you want to start a standard discussion, please create an issue in the LIPs repository, using the format suggest here. When the proposal has enough support please create a pull request against the repository, to add your to the LIPs folder.

LRC's, or LIP's should initially be in draft status, when added to the LIPs folder, and can later be improved using pull requests to the respective eip file.

Become a L14 validator

We are currently not adding additional validators, but might open that up in the future again.

Contribute to the main net consensus algorithm

You can help us get LUKSO of the ground, by contributing to the Honey Badger BFT (HBBFT) consensus development, that we are developing together with Feel free to pick an issue and join our discord community.

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