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Flask service for gathering wow TSM auction data. Why? FOR SCIENCE!
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World of Warcraft Data Gather

This small application is coded by Lukasz Zmudzinski (Shockbanana) and the main goal is to gather auction house data for specific items of interest. Why? For SCIENCE (prediction algorithms) of course!

The application features:

  • Uses the TradeSkillMaster API
  • Has configuration for Heroku hosting,
  • Uses scheduling for data gathering every hour,
  • Has a simple model to hold relevant information.

The code is under MIT license, so do whatever you want with it.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @lukzmu

Have a great day!

Double saves in Heroku

To tackle that problem you need to run the following command in Heroku CLI:

heroku config:set WEB_CONCURRENCY=1

Icon credit

Warcraft logo icon made by Prosymbols from
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