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Appendix IV. Teaching Materials

1) Teaching Lecture PPTs

2) Teaching Docker

Download Link for Docer images

  • PART I + II + PART III.1-3
    • docker image name: bioinfo_PartI-PartII-PartIII1-3.tar.gz
    • software installed: BLAST 2.6.0+; bowtie 1.0.0; samtools 1.7 (using htslib 1.7-2); TopHat v2.0.9; cufflinks v2.1.1; cuffmerge v2.1.1; cuffdiff v2.1.1; R 3.5.1; perl v5.26.1; Python 2.7; bamtools 1.0.2; java 1.8.0_181; rMATS-turbo-Linux-UCS4 v3.1.0; homer v4.10.3;
  • PART coexpression
    • docker image name: bioinfo-coexp.tar.gz
    • software installed: R 3.5.1; miRanda-aug2010; psRobot v1.2; bedtools v2.27.1
  • PART III.5.motif
    • software installed: R 3.5.1; meme 4.11.4; RNAfold 2.4.8; BEAM; RNApromo
  • PART III.6.RNA Regulation Analysis 1
    • docker image name: bioinfo_rnaeditor.tar.gz
    • software installed: RNAEditor
  • PART III.6.RNA Regulation Analysis 2
    • docker image name: bioinfo_tsinghua_6.2_apa_6.3_ribo_6.4_structure.tar.gz
    • software installed: perl v5.26.1; DaPars; Ribowave; R 3.5.1; bedtools v2.25.0; shapemapper
  • PART III.7.Clinical Analysis
    • software installed: R 3.5.1; Python 2.7

3) Teaching Videos

Content Youtube Bilibili
How to use docker @Youtube @Bilibili
Linux (视频配套文档) @Youtube @Bilibili
Vim @Youtube @Bilibili
R @Youtube @Bilibili
Genome Browser: IGV @Youtube @Bilibili
Genome Browser: UCSC @Youtube @Bilibili

Source Files (Private) @ Tsinghua Cloud

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