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Software Installation on cnode

for users

You need to do almost nothing because our admins have done a lot for you (see sections 2) and 3) in detail).

Shared files for the training project

# Local Dirs:
 /Bio_II/lulab_b/shared/genomes/         #fasta and gtf/gff etc
 /Bio_II/lulab_b/shared/projects/exRNA   #raw data  


Here is an example of my .bashrc:



species version local dir Notes Person Download Date Download Link
Human hg38 genomes/hg38 index: star, bowtie, bowtie2 Yang Li 2018.4.10. ENSEMBL


Project Table Name Notes Google Sheet Local tsv Person Update Date
exRNA exRNA-seq human cancer Wang Siqi 2018.4.25.

for admins

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