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III. Teaching Materials

Teaching Videos

Content Youtube Bilibili
PART I Programming Skills @Youtube @Bilibili
1. Setup @Youtube @Bilibili
2. Linux @Youtube @Bilibili
3. Bash and Github @Youtube @Bilibili
4a. R Basics @Youtube @Bilibili
4b. R Advanced (by Yang Eric Li) @Youtube @Bilibili
5.Python @Youtube @Bilibili
6.perl @Youtube @Bilibili
PART II. Machine Learning Skills ****
1.Machine Learning Basics @Youtube @Bilibili
2.Feature Selection @Youtube @Bilibili
PART III. Case Study 1. exRNA-seq @Youtube @Bilibili
1.1a) Mapping @Youtube @Bilibili
1.1b) Run your job example in bash @Youtube @Bilibili
1.2. Expression matrix @Youtube @Bilibili
1.3. Differential expression @Youtube @Bilibili
1.4a. Normalization 1 @Youtube @Bilibili
1.4b. Normalization 2 @Youtube @Bilibili

Source Files (Private) @ Nextcloud

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