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Bookmarks App on OpenShift

This sample Bookmarks App shows how to deploy a typical Django App on OpenShift in a minute.

Before We Start

You need an account on OpenShift

You don't have an account yet? Sign-up and create your account for free :

Some preparations

Then you need to install 'rhc' client tools following the quickstart on OpenShift website.

And create a namespace within your account via web console or client tools:

rhc domain create -n ${your_namespace} -l ${your_account}

Let's Rock

Create a python application:

rhc app create -a bookmarks -t python-2.6

Then we need mysql database for your app:

rhc app cartridge add -a bookmarks -c mysql-5.1

And let's add files in this repo into your Bookmarks app:

cd bookmarks
git remote add upstream -m master git://
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
git push

Enjoy your Bookmarks App at: