This example shows how to transform a RTSP feed or an HTTP feed into a low latency WebRTC stream in a simple and seamless manner.
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Copyright © 2014 Kurento. Licensed under LGPL License.

Kurento RTSP/HTTP URI to WebRTC example

Kurento Client JavaScript demos

This project is a simple example showing how to tranform a RTSP URI or an HTTP video URI feeds into a WebRTC stream.

Installation instructions

Be sure to have installed Node.js in your system:

curl -sL | sudo bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Also be sure to have installed Bower in your system:

sudo npm install -g bower

To launch the demo, run:

cd kurento-rtsp2webrtc
bower install

An HTTP server is required for these demos. A very simple way of doing this is by means of a NodeJS server. This server can be installed as follows:

sudo npm install -g http-server

Then, in each demo folder execute this command:


Finally, open this URL in your browser: http://localhost:8080/

Insert the RTSP or HTTP video feed into the input text and press "start"

Optional parameters

The demos accept some optional GET parameters given on the URL, you only need to add them to the query string in the same way you would add them to the Node.js executable on your command line:

All the demos accept the ws_url parameter to set the WebSocket Kurento MediaServer endpoint, other parameters specific to each demo can be found at the top of their index.js files.


What is Kurento

Kurento provides an open platform for video processing and streaming based on standards.

This platform has several APIs and components which provide solutions to the requirements of multimedia content application developers. These include:

  • Kurento Media Server (KMS). A full featured media server providing the capability to create and manage dynamic multimedia pipelines.
  • Kurento Clients. Libraries to create applications with media capabilities. Kurento provides libraries for Java, browser JavaScript, and Node.js.


To download binary releases of Kurento components visit

Code for other Kurento projects can be found in the GitHub Kurento group.

News and Website

Information about Kurento can be found on our website. Follow us on Twitter @kurentoms.