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#Program Dependence Graph ####UvA Software Engineering Master Project ####Lulu Zhang (10630856)

This is the PDG library in Rascal. PDG.rsc is the main module which combines the information of control dependences and data dependences. Here are the packages/folders in this library:

  • ControlDependence : generates control flow of the source code and computes control dependences based on control flow and its post-dominator tree;

  • DataDependence : computes reaching definitions and definition-use pairs (which is data dependences) based on control flow;

  • Statement : There is only one module in this package/folder which extracts DEF, GEN and USE for the further use in DataDependence;

  • Utils : defines some functions for List, Map, etc. which are commonly used in this project;

  • Tests : The modules inside cover some common and uncommon statement combinations to test the correctness of this library. All the tests here expect TestCDG use Rascal testing framework;

  • Visualization : displays all the graphs. Vis.rsc is the main visualization module.

Note: In order to run the tests successfully, JavaTest should also be imported into Eclipse. You can start this project with a smile face via running showGraphs(|project://JavaTest/src/PDG/|, 0); (first, import Visualization::Vis;)

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