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Program Dependence Graph

UvA Software Engineering Master Project

Lulu Zhang (10630856)

This is the PDG library in Rascal. PDG.rsc is the main module which combines the information of control dependences and data dependences. Here are the packages/folders in this library:

  • ControlDependence : generates control flow of the source code and computes control dependences based on control flow and its post-dominator tree;

  • DataDependence : computes reaching definitions and definition-use pairs (which is data dependences) based on control flow;

  • Statement : There is only one module in this package/folder which extracts DEF, GEN and USE for the further use in DataDependence;

  • Utils : defines some functions for List, Map, etc. which are commonly used in this project;

  • Tests : The modules inside cover some common and uncommon statement combinations to test the correctness of this library. All the tests here expect TestCDG use Rascal testing framework;

  • Visualization : displays all the graphs. Vis.rsc is the main visualization module.

Note: In order to run the tests successfully, JavaTest should also be imported into Eclipse. You can start this project with a smile face via running showGraphs(|project://JavaTest/src/PDG/|, 0); (first, import Visualization::Vis;)

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